Our Founder and CEO


Meet David Perdicaris, our driven and experienced founder

David is one of the most driven franchisors you will come across in the franchise industry. Having spent nearly four decades in the business as a top 10 franchisee in one of the larger international brands, as well as an independent operator, he can appreciate and empathize with the challenges and satisfaction that a franchisee can encounter.

He is highly regarded for his commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed in business by envisioning and developing innovative, sustainable, and profitable revenue streams.

David got his start in the drainage/plumbing industry in 1983, installing commercial irrigation and large water features on some of the largest projects in the Midwest. With this knowledge, David moved on to build one of the most successful plumbing & sewer franchises in the nation.

In 1996, he was running 20 service trucks with 3 dig crews and had a company with 40 employees. But in 2002, everything changed. The level of competition meant exploring alternatives. In a chance encounter, an unexploited business opportunity presented itself in the form of a fragmented septic industry run by 1-man shops. David realized that 40% of the country was on septic and underserved by a true industry professional. Utilizing high-tech tools and procedures garnered from the sewer business and merging those with an innovative approach to septic, he devised a formula that has become the basis for FreeFlow Environmental’s record success.

In 2004, FreeFlow Environmental was created to fulfill the void of professional service in the septic industry. Over the next five years, the concepts and ideas were refined and proven to be a viable answer to market demands. “I realized that if I could achieve what I was achieving given the state of the industry and reap the benefits that I was reaping, other operators would be just as excited as I was.”

“I love niche businesses that are in non-competitive bid situations, without large labor costs, high profit margins, and with jobs that can be completed in just one day. I realized I could make more money by working 2-3 days a week than I ever made working 6-7 days per week. My stress levels were down, my bills were paid, and my customers were ecstatic – who doesn’t want that situation?”

Today, this utopian environment is available to the franchisee who has the vision and drive to succeed. David is ready to help franchisees realize their full potential and maximize their profits. If you’re hungry, we will give you all the resources you need to succeed.

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