How Much Demand is there?


Every house needs toilets that flush, basements that are dry, and an environment where it’s safe to raise a family!

The cost of the average septic system is rising every year. Failing sewer lines can require extensive repair. Wet basements and foundations cause homes to degrade to the point of failure. Implementing FreeFlow Environmental proprietary solutions can eliminate these problems for a fraction of the industry standard costs. Every home is a potential customer.

According to a housing survey, the average age of an American home is 46 years old. This aging infrastructure is an opportunity for you to provide our proprietary solutions that can restore properties to their original function and glory.

FreeFlow Environmental offers a professional restoration experience to homeowners, utilizing high-tech solutions only we can provide. By owning a business that specializes in these essential drainage needs, you can rest assured that your investment will continue to grow and produce in good times and bad.

FreeFlow Environmental franchisees only offer highly in-demand services that provide the greatest returns.

This is where FreeFlow Environmental excels. As a leading brand for home drainage services, FreeFlow Environmental is ready to meet the enormous demand to keep homeowners dry and safe in their homes. Our motto is that we save homes, time, and money. Imagine, revolutionary repairs instead of catastrophic replacement.

“Every homeowner with a toilet needs FreeFlow Environmental,” says David Perdicaris, CEO and founder of FreeFlow Environmental. “This means every homeowner is a potential customer. As a business opportunity, being able to meet a large and growing need without significant competition is a tremendous advantage. This is a recession-resistant, essential business, meaning you’re able to operate despite what happens to the rest of the economy. It’s also affordable, and for a home services business, it’s as profitable as it gets.”

There are benefits to owning a business that specializes in profitable, highly in-demand services. Not only is every homeowner with a toilet and drainage system a potential customer for life, but the service itself is also quick to implement and complete.